When you love a place, and get to write about it in print, it takes on dimensions you could never dream.La Crescent is as much a part of the contours of my mind as it is within a column space in newsprint.And let’s face it, a lot of the changes that are happening are terrifying, and exciting, and needed, and contentious, and glorious, and fascinating to witness.And when you feel that way about a place, it’s your hometown. And there can only be one.Vladimir Nabokov once wrote about a character named Rita. No one will remember her, except Nabokov scholars, because Rita was what we’d call a “messy” character, a minor character in a major novel.



But I think about Rita a lot. She was a total embarrassment to her family most notably to her brother, who was a local politician in her hometown of Grainball.He pays Rita a monthly stipend on nike dri fit one condition: She can never come back home.nikeflyknitraceraustralia Try as she might, Rita always finds herself sucked into Grainball’s “lunar orbit.” Her life keeps circling back to the town like a “mulberry moth.”Whatever Rita’s faults, and they’re many, the short fictional space she occupies demonstrates one thing: She knows the meaning of the nike cortez white word hometown.It’s the place we can’t shake off; the place we don’t want to shake off. It’s the place we can always return to. It’s the place we can stay and be a part of. It makes a difference to us, and we can make a difference to it.

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