Dan Neenan, director of NECAS and an Epworth, Iowa, nike id firefighter, said such training is “critically important” because thousands of people are injured by agriculture machinery every year. Department of Agriculture, more than 75,000 farms are located in Wisconsin.”I hate to put a number on it, but up to 10 people are killed by combines every year,” he said. “There were 551 fatalities in agriculture and 70,000 disabling injuries in 2011.”Neenan directed the firefighters throughout the training by setting up various scenarios and problems for the firefighters and EMTs to s0lve. In one instance, a dummy was placed under a combine where it was trapped after a “hydraulic failure” and firefighters used airbags to lift the machine and pull the dummy out.Firefighters were taught safety techniques such as cribbing, a method used for stabilizing objects, throughout the rescues in case other strategies were to fail.

Neenan showed the firefighters how to wedge the 18 inch pieces of wood under the machine and explained the value of having a backup plan.”You need to look out for safety,” he said. “And learn from any given situation. cheapnikeaustralia“Neenan also stressed the importance of checking the scene before taking action in case there are any children involved. If children think the accident is their fault, they’re likely to run and hide.”One of the biggest things you need to think about is if there’s someone else here,” he said. “That should always be one of the first things you think about.”Ray Andersen, Galesville Fire Department fire chief, said the safety training that NECAS offers is “very worthwhile” and that learning hands on is much more effective than learning in a classroom setting.



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